Watch Engineer Electrocute Himself On YouTube In The Name Of Science

This Guy Voluntarily Electrocuted Himself For Science

Mehdi Sadaghhdar is an electrical engineer who, like some YouTubers, gets attention by attempting the good, bad and insanely stupid experimental side of science.

On Bank holiday Monday, he posted a video of his not-so-bank-holiday-activities, which involved electrocuting himself in the name of science.

On a quest to find out how pain changes with varying levels of electricity, he wired his own tongue and applied 4Vrms (AC) voltage at different frequencies. We know you won't, but please don't try this at home.

What he found is surprising.

Between 0 Hz and 2kHz, his pain increased with frequency. However, after this point he reports that his pain levels decreased, despite the rising frequencies.

He argues one of the reasons for this could be due to nerves and muscles becoming less responsive to electrical stimulation.

Whatever the reason we are happy to take his word for it.


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