Python And King Cobra Fight Caught On Camera In Singapore

An ultimate battle between predators has been caught on camera at a university campus in Singapore.

A python and a king cobra came head to head in an epic fight, reported by local news to have gone on for 30 minutes.

It was hard to call the winner, though the king cobra looked to be conceding to defeat when it slithered into the bushes.

A photographer caught the live action at the campus

However before its exit, the highly venomous reptile bit the python, probably leaving as the winner in this unique fight.

The scenes, at Nanyang Technological University, later wound down as both creatures were caught by pest control officers.

A spokesperson on their Facebook page wrote: "From the NTU pest control, we came to know that the king [cobra] will be handed over to the Zoo."

Update on Snake fight:King Cobra, which earlier went into the bushes, was caught a while ago by the NTU pest control...

Posted by Nanyang Technological University Graduate Student Council on Thursday, 27 August 2015

An earlier post warned students about the reptiles: "Please be careful when you take the sidewalk near to bushes.

"Night researchers and night runners, please be extra vigilant."

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