03/09/2015 09:57 BST | Updated 07/09/2015 10:59 BST

Tom And Giovanna Fletcher Announce Baby News In Seriously Impressive Videogame Creation

Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna are expecting their second child together.

The McBusted singer known for creating videos for big occasions didn't let us down, announcing the news by releasing a video on his Facebook page with the title "player 2".

The video sees Fletcher climb into the loft to find an old games console.

Not long after, his wife, him and Buzz are sat in the living room choosing their players for the game - which are listed as the family members.

Sure enough, a fourth player with a '?' in the box is shown on screen.


The camera then zooms in on Giovanna who has a baby's scan resting on her belly.

The video was instantly picked up by fans, achieving more than 3,000 shares in 20 minutes and hundreds of congratulations messages.


Fletcher's creative videos have made the headlines before, including adorable singing duets with his son and time-lapse pregnancy video.

Just like the many others, we're guessing this one is going to go viral.

The couple welcomed their first son, Buzz, in March 2014. They wed in 2012.


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