'Danger Mouse' Trailer: First Loot At Alexander Armstrong-Voiced Reboot (VIDEO)

The first trailer for the reboot of ‘80s classic ‘Danger Mouse’ has been revealed by the BBC.

The hit show will be making a comeback this month, with the title character being voiced by ‘Pointless’ presenter Alexander Armstrong.

The mouse has been given a makeover

Obviously, his ever-faithful sidekick Penfold, voiced by Kevin Eldon, is also returning, to help Danger Mouse protect the world from the villainous Baron Greenback.

Now, a new trailer has been revealed, featuring the new-look mouse fighting his nemesis.

CBBC have secured an all-star cast for the reboot, and Stephen Fry will provide the voice of the rodent hero’s boss Colonel K, while Alexander’s ‘Pointless’ co-host Richard Osman is voicing the jellyfish scientist called Professor Strontium Jellyfishowitz.

Other cast members include Shauna MacDonald and Morwenna Banks, and ‘Come Dine With Me’ voiceover man, Dave Lamb - yes, really! - will take on the role of narrator.

The new series will initially run for 52 episodes on the CBBC channel in 2015.

Watch the brand new trailer above…