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John Simmit reveals the truth about Tubby custard – and those reggae references you may have missed.
"I’ve always said I’ve wanted to use my platform and voice to make a difference."
The actor voiced the popular children’s TV programme for 13 series, taking over from Ringo Starr in 1991
Plus, other amazing show trivia – like the fact there's a database of every woof Hey Duggee has ever voiced. "A-Woof!"
"Two years later, she still oinks in conversation."
Toddlers seem to love repetition, whether of a phrase or name, such as Upsy Daisy, or the same activity, such as Makka Pakka’s face washing
I suppose there probably is a market for religious cartoons but I will bet a cool million those cartoons are dreadful. Kids don't want to watch cartoons where you learn some naff pious message. They want to giggle at something naughty. Don't we all?
They've ruled that Sam is still the hero next door.
Ofcom have ruled that they won’t be investigating an episode of ‘Fireman Sam’, in which some viewers complained a character