Sick Of Hey Duggee Reruns? We Have Good News

As the big brown dog would say: "Ah-woof!"
Hey Duggee helping everyone earn their Toothbrushing Badge.
Hey Duggee helping everyone earn their Toothbrushing Badge.

If you haven’t watched all 176 episodes of Hey Duggee about 20 times, chances are you have a life – in which case, congratulations.

But if, like me, you can reel off the characters’ scripts for some of your child’s favourite episodes (we love ourselves the Dancing Bug and Duck Badges over here) you’ll be delighted to hear your fave dog-shaped pre-school teacher is back on TV screens, with 20 new episodes dropping from September 4.

For the unacquainted, the big lovable dog runs the Squirrel Club, attended by pre-schoolers Roly (a very loud hippo), Norrie (a fun-loving mouse), Betty (an intellectual octopus), Tag (a kind and gentle rhino) and Happy (a curious crocodile). Truly the best bunch.

Each episode focuses on earning a badge while learning new skills and lessons at the same time – so, in the Making Music Badge, for instance, the children learn to make musical instruments and then earn their badge at the end, before getting picked up by their parents.

At present, there are four series available to watch on iPlayer, with 52 episodes each, however in the latest series there are only 20 episodes on offer.

The instalment of 20 new episodes – featuring The Days of the Week Badge, Feelings Badge and the Difficult Badge – will complete series 4.

They will appear on CBeebies from 7.05am on weekdays, as well as iPlayer, where they’ll be released each Monday.

The full list of new Hey Duggee episodes

  • Days of the Week Badge (Monday 4 September)
  • The Feelings Badge (Tuesday 5 September)
  • The Choir Badge (Wednesday 6 September)
  • The Listening Badge (Thursday 7 September)
  • The Wisdom Badge (Friday 8 September)
  • The Commuting Badge (Monday 11 September)
  • The Ball Badge (Tuesday 12 September)
  • The News Badge (Wednesday 13 September)
  • The Difficult Badge (Thursday 14 September)
  • The Cinema Badge (Friday 15 September)
  • The Getting Ready Badge (Monday 18 September)
  • The Size Badge (Tuesday 19 September)
  • The Wish Badge (Wednesday 20 September)
  • The List Badge (Thursday 21 September)
  • The Music Video Badge (Friday 22 September)
  • The Exercise Badge (Monday 25 September)
  • The Dos and Don’ts Badge (Tuesday 26 September)
  • The Nature Badge (Wednesday 27 September)
  • The Recipe Badge (Thursday 28 September)
  • The Imagination Badge (Friday 29 September)

If you’re yet to em-bark (sorry) on Hey Duggee, The Guardian describes it as “a brightly coloured animation” that is “creative, inclusive, joyous and ever so gently educational”.

Since launching in 2014, Hey Duggee has become a seven-time BAFTA and international Emmy award-winning hit.

It was the most streamed CBeebies show on BBC iPlayer in 2022, the third year in a row it’s topped the list. Not bad for a cartoon dog.