Stop Everything. New Bluey Episodes Just Dropped (And One Stars A Very Famous Face)

We've got an exclusive clip – can you recognise the voice of the horse?
A still from a new episode of Bluey called Musical Statues.
Ludo Studio
A still from a new episode of Bluey called Musical Statues.

If you’ve watched seasons one and two of Bluey more times than you’d like to admit, then you’ll be relieved and (we’ll hazard a guess, probably a little bit excited) to hear that new episodes from season three of the Australian TV show have just landed on Disney+.

So basically, you’ve got 10 more episodes whose scripts and storylines you’ll know off by heart by the end of the year.

And we’ve been given an exclusive clip to share with you.

For the uninitiated (seriously, where have you been?), the show follows the adventures of a lovable and inexhaustible Blue Heeler puppy who lives with her dad, mum and little sister, Bingo.

It showcases the joyful simplicity that can be found in families, by bringing to life how children learn and grow through play.

Bluey’s parents – famed for their endless levels of energy and commitment to fun – are worshipped by adults and kids alike in households around the world.

The Australian family has cemented itself in the hearts of British families everywhere (it’s currently the number one show on CBeebies and Disney+) and it’s so popular that Bluey’s Big Play (a theatrical adaptation of the TV series) is coming to the UK and Ireland from December 2023 until summer 2024.

Discussing the new series, Henrietta Hurford-Jones, commissioner and executive producer of Bluey for BBC Studios Kids & Family, said: “Fans have been keenly anticipating more Bluey, and we’re excited to share these new stories with them.

“We’re so happy at how our audiences have taken Bluey to their hearts! These episodes will not disappoint families, with episodes such as the excellent
‘Tradies’ and others.

“And viewers will love the return of the Grannies in Granny Mobile.” The world wanted more antics from Rita and Janet, and the Bluey gods have answered.

The new episodes also include cameos from Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda, who appears as a talking horse in the episode Stories, and Rose Byrne (of Bridesmaids fame), who plays Chilli’s sister Brandy in the episode Onesies.

Anyway BRB, catching up on the Heelers’ antics before my toddler wakes up.

New Bluey episodes debut on Disney+ July 12. Tickets for Bluey’s Big Play are on sale now.