Hey Duggee's Christmas Track Just Dropped And We Can't Stop Watching This One Thing

Give the actor who voices Chew Chew the panda AND Hennie the ostrich a medal.
Lucy Montgomery (pictured right) voices Chew Chew the panda (left) and Hennie the ostrich in the hit TV show, Hey Duggee.
Hey Duggee/BBC
Lucy Montgomery (pictured right) voices Chew Chew the panda (left) and Hennie the ostrich in the hit TV show, Hey Duggee.

If you have kids and don’t end the day with either the Frozen soundtrack stuck in your head, alongside one of the theme tunes to Bluey, Hey Duggee et al, then you’re doing extremely well.

The good news is that if, like me, you spend most of your time belting out CBeebies classics rather than the latest tracks on Radio 1, yet another ear worm is about to make its way into your brain so you can hum this song for the foreseeable future, too.

Hey Duggee – yes, the cartoon dog – has released a new Christmas track which is a unique take on the festive classic, Deck The Halls, featuring lyrics such as “we’re all here and looking flawless, sing together it sounds glorious!” and an epic... rap?!

The remix includes vocals from Hey Duggee narrator Alexander Armstrong, plus the BBC Singers and beatboxing champion Beardyman.

But perhaps the most mesmerising part for parents is getting to catch a glimpse of the people who voice the many animals featured in the cartoon – we’re talking Chew Chew the panda, the Hippie rabbits and Nigel the crab – showcasing their talents.

Lucy Montgomery can be seen flexing her impressive range, doing the booming voice of Chew Chew the panda in one breath, and the floating, soprano tones of Hennie the ostrich in the next.

Other voice artists you can expect to see include Anelisa Lamola, known for belting out a ballad or two as Mrs Weaver (the oh-so-tuneful beaver), and Adam Longworth, who’s voiced a range of animals, from Eugene the chipmunk and Hedgley the hedgehog to Tino the artistic mouse and Nigel the crab.

Since launching in 2014, Hey Duggee has been streamed over half a billion times on BBC iPlayer in the UK and has won seven BAFTAs and two international Emmy awards. Not bad for a dog whose vocabulary stretches no further than ah-woof!

Alexander Armstrong, who narrates the show, said of the new festive hit: “I’m sure this lively track will bring lots of joy and merriment to families up and down the country over the festive season.”

Well, either that or we’ll be heavily regretting ever playing this on our TV screens... Happy listening!