Star Wars BB-8 Toy Is Every Childhood Dream Come True

In Case You're Wondering, This Is The Best Toy We've Ever Seen

Kids today have literally never had it so good. Without waxing lyrical about how we used to pretend a small stick and a few leaves could constitute a fortress, it has increasingly become clear that toys are getting seriously cool.

Why? Well firstly because JJ Abrahms insisted on using an actual real droid in the film rather than CGI and secondly because in some glorious moment of inspiration, robotics company Sphero have actually made one that we can buy.

BB-8 can be charged wirelessly via USB.

While effortlessly simple in design, Sphero's BB-8 encapsulates everything that's great about toys in that it presents something that genuinely feels like science-fiction.

With the head mysteriously staying afloat at the top while the body rolls around, this little app-connected wonder will make you, for a moment at least, forget capitalism even exists.

Connected to your iPhone, Android smartphone or Windows Phone device, Sphero says BB-8 can show a range of different emotions and of course can be fully controlled via a control panel on the phone's screen.

There's voice control too, with the robot responding to verbal commands with Sphero claiming that BB-8 will develop a 'personality' based on the way you communicate with it and use it.

You can place the robot in 'Patrol' mode and it'll just wander around of its own accord, learning the environment around it.

Naturally there's no wires, BB-8 charges wirelessly through its own dedicated dock which can be plugged into a wall socket or computer via USB.

It's available now on Firebox for £129.99.


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