Birth Photographer Captures Newborns In Foetal Positions To Show How They Fit Inside Mother's Womb

Fascinating Photos Show How Newborns Fit Inside A Mother's Womb

A birth photographer has captured photos of newborns in the foetal position just moments after they have entered the world.

Marry Fermont, 35, from Holland, said the photos give new parents an insight of how their baby has been positioned for the past nine months inside the mother's belly.

She said when she began birth photography, she witnessed a midwife showing the parents how the baby was positioned inside the womb.

The photo was incredibly moving for the parents. Since then, the founder of Fermont Fotografie has asked midwives to show new parents how their babies looked in their pre-birth positions.

Fermont told HuffPost UK Parents: "Every time I witness a birth I can't believe that baby just came out of a woman."

Fermont added: "You see it happening, but it's so hard to imagine they were inside that belly for nine months. It's just fantastic if the midwife, or the dad, can show how the baby actually fitted in there.

"When I take those picture you kind of get an idea how the baby fitted inside.

"Most of the babies also calm down when you hold them like this, it's very special to see."

The photographer said because the babies have been in this position for nine months, they feel secure, comfortable and are used to being folded up this way.

"Most automatically go to this pose," she added. "You just need to know how to hold them."

Fermont said most parents are usually in disbelief when their child is born, so the curiosity of knowing how they fitted in the mother's belly for nine months is always welcomed.

She has now photographed 99 births, capturing the precious first moments of their lives. She added: "Number 100 was when I was present was the birth of my own daughter on 6 July."

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