Alyssa Milano On Why She Might Continue Breastfeeding Until Daughter Elizabella Is Six

Update: Alyssa Milano followed this by tweeting she was "joking". Read the updated article here.

Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano has made a bold statement about when she plans to stop breastfeeding her daughter.

Hint: it won't be for a long while yet.

Milano, who is mum to Milo, four, and Elizabella, one, was questioned about her reaction to Miley Cyrus' revealing outfit at the VMA awards.

The pro-breastfeeding mum, 42, managed to move the topic quickly onto women's breasts.

She said in the interview with Entertainment Tonight: "Everyone’s fine with her nipples being out, but if I post a picture of me breastfeeding it’s like, you know, craziness.

"I think people are more comfortable sexualising breasts than relating them to what they were made for, which is feeding another human."

She then added: "It’s crazy, but you know what I don’t care. I’m going to keep breastfeeding maybe even until she’s six."

The actress has hit the headlines before in relation to breastfeeding her children.

In April 2015, she tweeted her disappointment after her breast milk was confiscated at Heathrow, writing: "Just took my pumped breast milk away. 10 ounces. Gone. Not okay."

Speaking to PEOPLE at the time, she said: "I think breastfeeding mums feel like what they do needs to be hidden, or don't feel like they’re getting the appreciation that comes along with being a breastfeeding mum.

"When I post pictures of me breastfeeding Bella, it’s not that I’m trying to be very outspoken about breastfeeding, it’s that it’s a very special moment in my life."

As well as recently wishing her daughter a happy birthday by posting a breastfeeding snap (above), the actress has shared many other intimate moments on Instagram.

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