Coffee Beans Are A Surprising Source Of Beauty Hacks...

We may think of coffee as the life-giving substance that turns us into upright human beings in the morning.

But the grounds can also be used as some surprising beauty hacks.

So without further deliberation, here's what they can do...

The beans can help exfoliate your skin

Seeds of the coffee shrub can help exfoliate your skin and the caffeine helps to eliminate unwanted oils.

The ingredient also has properties which can help to tighten up the skin.

Another wonderful tool, it's claimed that the beans could temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.

And well... if you have smelly hands, simply rub coffee grounds on them to get rid of the odor.

But that's not all... if you've had a bad night's sleep, forget drinking the stuff - they can help to minimise puffiness under the eyes.

What's more they could even increase the shininess of hair, which is why some people have have turned the magic ingredient into a soap.

So next time you need a quick beauty hack - look no further than your trusted caffeinated friend, coffee.