09/09/2015 08:57 BST | Updated 09/09/2015 11:59 BST

David Cameron Sent Home From Parliament Over 'Inappropriate' New Haircut

Prime Minister David Cameron has been sent home from his first PMQs after the summer holiday because the Speaker noticed his 'unparliamentary' haircut.

David, 48, had his head shaved on one side, which is dyed brown and blonde in a leopard skin pattern.

Mr Bercow, the head Speaker at the House of Commons, told reporters the dress code was clear and available on their website for parents and spouses, but Cameron's wife is refusing to change his haircut as a matter of principle.

David was told to collect his books and go home immediately

"He had the hair cut about a week before he went back to parliament," David's wife Samantha said. "No one has the right to tell someone what to do with their body. He is my husband and not theirs. He didn't sign away his rights when he started at Downing Street.

"As far as I'm concerned it's a breach of my husband's human rights."

According to sources, the refusal has absolutely nothing to do with each of Cameron's haircuts costing £80.