BA Boeing 777 Plane Fire: Reggie Bügmüncher Becomes Unlikely Star Witness

Reggie Bügmüncher Becomes The Unlikely Star Witness Of The BA Plane Fire

Had Reggie Bügmüncher been anywhere else on Tuesday, the world would have probably never known about the unusually named sideshow performer from Philadelphia.

Yet as she sat at the gate of Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport, Bügmüncher would become the star witness to an extraordinary event.

A stunned Bügmüncher would take a quick snap of the scene before her and upload it to Instagram.

This plane just exploded on the runway here in #lasvegas holy fuck there's people running everywhere now.

A photo posted by Reggie Bügmüncher (@reggiefaer) on

Within minutes, she was inundated with requests for information on what was now a breaking news story.

Having talked to a journalist from the syndicated newswire Associated Press, Bügmüncher's words and her name seen across the world.

And now that it's known there have been no serious injuries in Tuesday's incident, Reggie's name has caused something of a sensation online.

And by Wednesday morning, she was trending.

And Reggie has certainly noticed the attention.

And here are some amazing pictures of her sideshow performances...

Reggie Bügmüncher


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