Kay Burley Video Game Is A Celebration Of Sky News's Own Queen Of The Screen

Kay Burley, The Video Game, Is Everything You Hoped It Would Be

An online 'video' game presented by Sky News presenter Kay Burley went viral on Wednesday, as the channel celebrated the reign of Elizabeth II with a tongue-in-cheek tribute to their own queen of the screen.

The 'Reign Game' is a retro browser-based mission to collect as many artefacts from the Queen's reign by travelling back in time.

Players choose a decade to travel to and make their way through a maze of missions and obstacles, directing a bespectacled character with their keyboard.

Kay Burley presents the game and instructs players: "Breaking news. The Queen has lost a number of precious mementoes from her 63-year reign. She wants you to help try and find them..."

While we're accustomed to seeing Burley spar with politicians, offend members of the public, or make minor celebrities cry, her new pixelated self is rather uncontroversial.

But people are quite enjoying it anyway...


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