Apple's Siri Rudely Interrupts White House Press Briefing On Barack Obama's Iran Policy

Siri's Attempt At Being White House Press Secretary Is Hilarious

Apple's Siri made an unusual appearance at a White House press briefing yesterday after a reporter asked press secretary, John Ernest, a question about the US' Iran policy.

The hilarious moment happened just as a reporter was trying to address the lack of Republican support for the Iran nuclear deal.

Just as he was coming to the end of his sentence, Siri's monotone voice broke through to say "Sorry, I’m not sure what you want me to change.”

Ever the professional, he managed to power through the wave of chuckles that swept across the room.

It is unclear who was responsible for accidentally awaking Siri. But the lady in the black top sitting just behind the reporter looked incredibly sheepish just as Siri chimed in.

For whatever it's worth, Ernest probably appreciated Siri's attempt at being White House press secretary for a few seconds.


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