Jeremy Corbyn And David Cameron Pictures From The 80s Are Being Compared On Twitter

People Are Comparing Photos Of Corbyn And Cameron From The 80s

People have taken to Twitter to share and compare photos of newly-elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron.

In the images that date back to the 80s, Cameron can be seen in black tie with his fellow Bullingdon Club members while at Oxford University.

In stark contrast, the photo of Corbyn shows him being taken away by police at an anti-Apartheid protest.

A dedicated activist, Corbyn became the new leader of the Labour Party on Saturday after winning nearly 60% of the vote in one of the most sensational victories in British political history.

The veteran left-wing MP, who started the leadership contest as a 200-1 outsider, was crowned winner of the three-month long contest on Saturday.


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