3D-Printed Titanium Rib Cage Designed For Cancer Patient Makes Medical History

This Wolverine-Esque Titanium Rib Cage Just Saved A Cancer Patient's Life

A 54-year-old cancer patient has received the world's first 3d-printed Titanium rib cage, custom-built for his chest.

The Spanish man lost parts of his sternum and rib cage to cancer and doctors at the Salamanca University Hospital opted for this option as it was the safest, Gizmodo reports.

Traditionally, surgeons have used Titanium plates for chest implants. However, according to CSIRO, these parts can become loose over time and cause further complications.

The Wolverine-esque creation was built by Australian medical firm Anatomics.

They used CT scans to ensure that the implants were a close match to the patient's anatomy, something that could not be achieved through the traditional manufacturing route because of how complex the geometry of the rib cage is.

Once the design specifics were established, the team used their $1.3 million Arcam printer to create the artificial sternum and ribs.

Each part was printed layer by layer using an electronic beam.

News of this history-making procedure was announced by Australia's industry and science minister Ian Macfarlane who reported the patient was recovering well 12 days after the procedure.


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