Student 3D Prints New Prosthetic Shell For Rescue Tortoise Cleopatra

Cleo The Tortoise Gets A Lifesaving 3D Printed Shell
Colorado Technical University

In case you needed any more proof that 3D printers are the best things in the world, a student has used one to save a tortoise's life.

Cleopatra is a rescue tortoise who suffers from pyramiding - a shell deformity resulting in holes and cracks which can become infected.

It can be particularly dangerous as the species tend to socialise (and get naughty) by climbing on top of each other.

Cleopatra, a leopard tortoise at Canyon Critter Reptile Rescue was in pretty rough shape - her shell deteroriating from...

Posted by Colorado Technical University on Thursday, March 26, 2015

A student from Denver, who found Cleo at the Canyon Critter Reptile Rescue, decided to design a perfect replica to fit over Cleo's damaged shell and protect her from infection.

Roger Henry used software and a 3D printer to produce the fetching orange prosthetic, which will protect Cleo against infections and other reptiles.

3D Printed Tortoise Shell

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