Jeremy Corbyn To Sift Through More Than 33,000 Crowdsourced Questions To Find Six To Ask David Cameron

Corbyn Gets 33,000 Public Questions To Put To Cameron At PMQs

Jeremy Corbyn will tonight pore over more than 33,000 questions submitted by the general public before choosing six to pose to David Cameron in their first exchange at the dispatch box.

The new Labour leader announced on Saturday he would crowdsource suggestions to ask Mr Cameron during the lively weekly Prime Minister Questions in the Commons.

The leader of the Opposition is given six questions, and they typically focus on exposing areas of weakness in the Government.

But Mr Corbyn, whose thumping victory was confirmed on Saturday, has pledged a "new politics" and emailled members saying he "wants to use your talent to make us stronger". A page has been set up on the party's website.

At his first meeting with Labour MPs and peers of the Parliamentary Labour Party last night he confirmed 33,000 suggestions had been put forward, with the figure likely to rise before tomorrow's face-off.

By this afternoon, the six questions to be asked and how they will be delivered had yet to be confirmed. On Twitter, the suggestions have been eclectic.

Some serious are serious, pressing the PM on austerity and Syria.

Others a little whimsical, such as the cost of confectionary and pet diets.

A number are a bit crass.

Others have adopted pop star Nicki Minaj's zinger to Miley Cirus.

Even four-time super middleweight world champion Carl Froch has chipped in.

Here's how it might go.


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