Refugee Crisis: Children In Camp Gevgelia Draw Their Wishes For The Future

As hundreds of refugee children continue to pour over the border between Greece and Macedonia, some arriving at camp Gevgelija were asked by BuzzFeed News to draw “the one thing they dreamed of” and “what they wished for in the future”.

The camp registers and hosts the refugees on a temporary basis before they board trains north to the Serbian border and has a tent especially for mothers and children.

Here is what they drew…

“A girl drew this small yellow flower and said she didn’t want to feel alone inside.”

Refugee Crisis: Children Affected Draw Heartbreaking Pictures

At the Gevgelija railway station, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has set up a resting point offering refugees protection from sun and rain and its legal team is providing advice and counselling on documentation, registration and asylum procedures for those heading north by train to Serbia.

Vincent Cochetel, who directs UNHCR's Europe Bureau, said: "UNHCR believes more needs to be done by Greece and FYR Macedonia to tackle a problem that will not go away any time soon and affects all of Europe"

"We call again on EU member states to step up help to Greece, FYR Macedonia and Serbia."