Refugee crisis

A major search operation went ahead and four people have been reported dead.
Home secretary Priti Patel is expected to set out further details of a "partnership” with the east Africa country nearly 5,000 miles away.
"It's always easy to blame someone else," the home secretary said.
The boy had only a passport and a plastic bag, and a phone number was written on his hand, according to Slovakian authorities.
A Covid-induced drop in lorry freight has increased the number of small boat crossings, but without a resettlement scheme in place refugees may be left with no other choice.
Minors are detained in places described as ‘transit or waiting zones’, raising concerns they are not being counted in official statistics.
The imminent closure of refugee camps in France may be driving a new wave of refugees.
As a refugee charity worker, I've met so many people who have made the dangerous Channel Crossing – it is only a matter of time before we have to face the sight of bodies dead on our shores, Bridget Chapman writes
The two desperate El Salvadorian migrants do not deserve to have their lives reduced to a 'shocking' photo opportunity, writes journalist Nadine Batchelor-Hunt
Some have come from war-torn countries, surviving bloodshed and losing their loved ones – where is our compassion, journalist Tasnim Nazeer writes