This Homemade Experiment Shows The Horrifying Power Of Your Microwave

Microwaves are terribly useful things. If used correctly they can become a precious resource for the late worker and early riser.

They're also terrifyingly powerful, as demonstrated by this video in which YouTubers 'kreosan' take the Magnetron from a microwave and set about turning anything they can find into fiery hot plasma.

As if that wasn't scary enough as a concept you then realise that they're doing all this in what looks like their back garden, with bare hands, and a stick.

The US Army famously employed microwaves as a method for crowd dispersal with the Active Denial System.

Essentially a giant microwave bolted to the top of a Humvee, the experimental technology would gently cook individuals giving them the unpleasant sensation that their skin was on fire without ever causing long lasting damage.

While effective, the system was unsurprisingly considered to be a little too extreme.