Jeremy Corbyn Drawn By Tory MP Charlotte Leslie Before First Prime Minister's Questions

A Tory MP captured Jeremy Corbyn at the dispatch box ahead of his first Prime Minister's Questions today in the only way parliamentary rules allow.

Charlotte Leslie, a quickfire drawer who is also the member for Bristol North West, tweeted her drawing of the new Labour leader, sketched inside the chamber, where people are not allowed to film, as Corbyn prepared to face David Cameron for the first time.

It was described as "brilliant" by Newsnight's Allegra Stratton, prompting Leslie to reveal she had also drawn the new deputy leader, Tom Watson.

She also corrected her local paper The Bristol Post, when it tweeted that she had done the drawing during PMQs as Corbyn spoke.

Given that a lion and rhino were a major talking point about the PMQ session, Leslie's drawings may be the most normal thing to come out of it.