Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Stuns On #NYFW Runway

Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Stuns On #NYFW Runway

Plus-size model Ashley Graham stole the limelight at New York Fashion Week as she took to the runway to model her new lingerie collection.

Graham, who is a UK size 16, led a group of models down the runway to debut some pieces from her collaboration with Canadian brand, Addition Elle.

The underwear collection, called Black Orchid, is designed for fuller-figured women and includes pieces in black, blue and purple.

Graham is a fearless campaign for body diversity both in the fashion industry and the media and so it comes as no surprise that her fellow models were not only diverse in body size and shape, but ethnicity.

Posting a photo on Instagram after the show, she said: "What an amazing experience!! All the girls looked amazing."

The 28-year-old has recently been involved in campaigns such as #PlusIsEqual and dedicated a recent TED talk to celebrating her curves.

Standing in front of a full-length mirror on stage she said to herself: "You are bold, you are brilliant and you are beautiful. There is no other woman like you."

But she didn't stop there. While most women are preconditioned to berate their reflection, Graham has nothing but good things to say about her appearance.

"Back fat? I see you popping over my bra today, but that's alright I'm going to choose to love you. And think thighs? You are just so sexy you can't stop rubbing each other. That's alright. I'm going to keep you," she added.

"And cellulite, I have not forgotten about you. I'm going to choose to love you even though you want to take over my whole bottom half. You're a part of me and I love you."

All hail Ashley Graham.



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