Outbreak Of Crabs On Newcastle Metro Has Nothing To Do With Leeds' Super Gonorrhea Alert

Forget Gonorrhea Plaguing Leeds, Crabs Are Crawling Around Newcastle's Metro

After revelations that the sexual transmitted disease Gonorrhea has been spreading around Leeds, video footage has emerged of a cast of crabs being let loose on the metro underground in Newcastle.

Although the comparisons by name are quite a sight for sore eyes, by nature the circumstances are extraordinarily different.

An unknown camera-person filmed the events in the northern subway, showing around 20 of the sea creatures scuttling around the platform and onto the train.

A man on the train can be seen kicking the crabs

During the 30-second-long video, first uploaded by Newcastle Uncovered, onlookers can be seen kicking the creatures in opposite directions.

According to local reports the incident occurred after a passenger was carrying the crustaceans in a plastic bag when it split open, walking away from the animals as they spread across the carriage.

There is a happy ending for the creatures as they have been taken to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth, where they are understood to be settling into their new home.


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