Northern England

Yellow weather warnings in place after dozens of care home residents were rescued from flooding across northern England.
Torrential rain and melting snow will make for a “volatile situation” in parts of northern England, as some councils prepare for evacuations.
The survey showed over four in ten people in the most deprived regions felt they were not getting a fair share of national resources.
Different parts of England will be split into "medium”, “high” or “very high” local Covid alert areas under the new system of restrictions.
Boris Johnson is set to outline a new three-tiered system of restrictions from Monday.
The chancellor unveiled a new scheme on Friday to help workers living under local lockdowns, but leaders say they "cannot accept" the plans.
Whitehall has been urged to take stronger action as infections increase dramatically, with 17,540 lab-confirmed cases reported on Thursday.
The health secretary's remarks come as Labour MPs describe messaging as a "disaster" and "a new low".
Boris is a One Nation Tory. Today we have two industrial nations in the UK; the prosperous high productivity South East, and the poorer, lower productivity Midlands, Wales, the North of England, and Northern Ireland, writes David Davis.
A yellow weather warning has been issued and nine flood warnings are in place.