Sam Smith Shares Preview Of 'Spectre' Theme Song 'Writing's On The Wall', Ahead Of Single's Release

Sam Reveals 'Spectre' Song Snippet - And It's *Amazing*

Sam Smith has teased fans with a snippet of his James Bond film theme tune, titled ‘Writing’s On The Wall’.

The track will accompany the hotly-anticipated ‘Spectre’ movie, but fans excited to hear Sam singing will have to wait a little longer, as the 15-second clip - which you can listen to above - doesn’t have any vocals.

Sam Smith

Instead of showcasing Sam’s voice, the snippet features an orchestra, which has left us wondering how Disclosure have contributed to the track. Perhaps there’ll be an electronic breakdown midway through…

‘Writing’s On The Wall’ will be released this Friday (25 September), and Sam’s previously revealed that the track took him less than half-an-hour to write.

“I got called into the office with [producer] Barbara Broccoli and [director] Sam Mendes and they gave me the script, I read the script... they said ‘have a go at the song’,” he said.

“It’s the quickest I’ve ever written a song - it took 20 minutes... and they loved it!”

Sam has a tough task on his hands, as Adele’s track for ‘Skyfall’ was a huge hit and the British star even bagged an Oscar and a Brit for her efforts.

Listen to the ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ clip above…


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