Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley attending a film premiere last year Referring to his fiancé, Olympic diver Tom Daley, he
James Bond bosses may be in denial about this but, if reports are to be believed, it looks as though Daniel Craig might have
I've trawled through Amazon to see once and for all the true colours of the biggest films released last year...
‘James Bond’ producers are keen to keep Daniel Craig as the series’ leading man, so much so that they’re now reportedly going
Though the year has been a triumph and with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, released on Thursday, predicted to be the biggest film of all time in the UK, it's all set to have a climax unrivalled in recent cinemagoing history.
This week has perhaps shown we are making some progress in challenging the denigration of people with mental health conditions, but also made clear just how far we have to go still.
‘Spectre’ might well have received largely positive reviews when it was finally released last month, but one man who definitely
So the new Bond film is out. Monica Bellucci plays a Bond Girl in SPECTRE, aged 50. This is fantastic because I am 40 and thought I'd missed my chance. Clearly the opportunity is still there for me.
James Bond must have a tricky life. Often his car will end up inexplicably smashed to pieces in the middle of a chase, and
In How It Works HQ, we've been counting down the days to the release of Spectre, so much so that we dedicated our cover feature to the cool tech that drives the amazing Aston Martin DB10 and other souped-up spy cars. If you thought the gadget-packed rides on the big screen were fictional, think again.