Steve Harvey Shocked By Funniest 'Family Feud' Answer Ever

Kevin puts his FINGER on it!!! | Family Feud

What’s the last thing YOU stuck your finger in? #FamilyFeud #FeudHighlight #SteveHarvey

Posted by Family Feud on Friday, September 18, 2015

'Family Fortunes' was once one of the UK's favourite game shows, and it wasn't without its quirky moments, but we're willing to be this clip from the American version, 'Family Feud', will have you giggling more than Les Dennis ever did.

When host Steve Harvey asked a contestant "What's the thing you most recently stuck your finger in?" he probably expected a run of the mill answer, like "Nutella" or "a plug socket". Instead, he got a slightly more crude response.

Contestant Kevin's answer was...

My wife.


Then Steve went on to ask Kevin's wife about the last thing SHE stuck her finger in, which prompted Kevin to pipe up again.

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