‘Coronation Street' Live Episode: Callum's Dead! Viewers Stunned As Kylie Platt Murders Drug Dealer

He's Dead! Callum Murdered In Dramatic #CorrieLive Scenes

'Coronation Street' fans were left stunned in the first fifteen minutes of Wednesday night’s live episode, when Kylie murdered drug dealer Callum Logan.

Bosses promised that the evening’s action would focus on the Platt family, and the opening minutes saw Sarah and Callum locked in a tense confrontation, and things got worse when the young mum’s plan to tape the conversation was foiled.

Callum has terrorised the Platt family for months

As the pair grappled on the floor - which is especially impressive given that the show was live - Sarah struggled to free herself and even bit Sean Ward’s character.

Just when Callum appeared to have the upper hand, a shock blow was dealt by somebody else, and when the camera panned up, viewers saw Kylie, clutching a wrench.

Much of the action took place in the first 15 minutes

As the two women struggled to decide what to do next, Bethany made an untimely arrival, and Kylie moved Callum’s body, before opening the door and shooing Sarah’s daughter away.

Next to arrive was David, and once he’d got over the shock, he did his best to help his sister and wife.

With Callum wrapped in a bedsheet, the trio attempted to get his body out of the house - and there was still over half-an-hour of the show to go.

The question is... What next?

Eventually, they decided to move Callum’s body to the cellar, with David promising Kylie that he would be there “for just one night”. Well, it’s certainly an… interesting plan.

Following the episode, fans on Twitter heaped praise on actress Tina O'Brien, but the Platt family drama wasn’t the only thing going on in Weatherfield. We also said goodbye to Lloyd and Andrea, as emotional scenes played out between Roy and Cathy.

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