‘Coronation Street' Live Episode: Callum Ward's Death Isn't The Only Drama, As Sally Webster's Secret's Out And Lloyd Leaves The Soap

#CorrieLive: The *Other* Moments To Remember...

'Coronation Street' went live on Wednesday night, and viewers weren’t left disappointed.

Bosses promised a dramatic episode, and that’s exactly what fans got, thanks to Paula Lane’s character Kylie Platt, who broke up a fight between Callum Logan and Sarah Platt, by whacking the drug dealer over the head with a wrench. And that was in the first 15 minutes.

As the episode went on, the action centred on the Kylie, Sarah and David, who struggled to decide what to do next, but that wasn’t the only thing going on in Weatherfield.

Here are four other key moments from the episode…

1. Sally and Kevin Webster’s secret kiss revealed

Sally Webster should have known better than to berate the tipsy Anna Windass (who was superbly played by Debbie Rush) and she soon silenced Tim’s fiancee, by blurting out that she knew about Sally and Kevin’s secret kiss. In front of the whole pub. Eeek.

2. Roy remembering Hayley

It simply wouldn’t be right for ITV to celebrate their anniversary without a nod to one of soapland’s greatest ever characters. When Cathy found out why Roy was unhappy with her surprise trip to Blackpool, she urged him to talk about Hayley more, giving us all a chance to remember the soap icon.

3. Callum’s stolen car

Tony and Todd couldn’t resist taking Callum’s flash motor for a spin, and when the car blew up, the duo chuckled and wandered off - but we reckon this incident won’t be forgotten, now that Callum’s dead body is in the Platt’s basement.

4. Lloyd and Andrea’s exit

The big party was a great way to make sure the whole cast were involved in the live episode, though we have to say, Liz didn’t exactly look “flippin’ fuming” when she delivered her line. The couple will certainly be missed, especially Lloyd, who has been a ‘Corrie’ mainstay for 10 years.

What will the Platts do next? Callum’s body is currently still in their house, which is bound to cause more than a few problems…

Tune in to ‘Coronation Street’ at 7.30pm on Friday 25 September to see what happens next.

Denise Welch

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