Mum Fined £70 For Exceeding Asda Car Park Time Limit While Breastfeeding Newborn Baby

A mum, who stopped to breastfeed her newborn baby in her car after an Asda shop, has been fined £70 for exceeding the supermarket's parking time.

Rosie Hayes, 34, said she struggled to find anywhere to breastfeed her two-month-old daughter Ella after her food shop, so resorted to her car.

Hayes overstayed the three-hour limit at the Brighton marina Asda by 26 minutes. When she received the fine she appealed but she claims she was still requested to pay.

Hayes, from Brighton, said according to ITV News: "As a new mum, you are sleep deprived and just trying to look after your baby.

"I wasn't annoyed when I first got the ticket, but I assumed once I explained the situation and appealed they would cancel the fine.

"Anyone who looked at the CCTV could have seen what I was doing – but the parking company responded saying I still had to pay."

Hayes said she thought a large company like Asda would be a lot more understanding.

However, since Hayes' story has come into the spotlight, her fine has been cancelled.

The mother explained the reason her shop took her such a long time was because she had her daughter with her, which slowed things down.

She said when she got back to her car her daughter was hungry and as it would have taken her up to 45 minutes to get home, she decided to feed her before setting off.

She added: "Newborn babies take quite a long time to feed, so once I started feeding her I could hardly stop.

"Only 20% of mothers in Brighton breastfeed and I can see why, because it is difficult."

Smart Parking, the company who manage the car park, commented on their decision to cancel the fine.

A spokesman said, according to "The car park at the marina is very busy, so is only available for Asda customers who receive three hours of free parking. At the car park there are 24 signs that clearly highlight its terms and conditions of use.

"In the case of Ms Hayes she overstayed the free parking period, so correctly received a charge. However, as an act of goodwill we have now decided to cancel her charge."

A spokesman for Asda added: "We're sorry for any upset caused and the charge has been cancelled."