24/09/2015 09:53 BST | Updated 29/09/2015 04:59 BST

Bully Punches Blind Boy And Is Immediately Taught A Lesson In Karma

A schoolground bully has been taught a lesson in justice after throwing a punch at a blind teenager.

Footage of the incident captures the disturbing attack and the violent scenes afterwards as one onlooker shouts: “Who the fuck punches a blind kid?"

A group of teens then approach the perpetrator, with one man jumping in to the rescue of the sight-impaired victim.

The teenager punches a visually impaired boy

The bully then receives a handful of punches as he falls to the ground, in what has been described by some outlets as instant karma.

One exchange highlights the friendship between the blind boy and the teen who stops the bully, who appear to be called Austin and Cody.

“You okay Austin?”

“I’m fucking good, Cody.”

Users on a message board were speculating about what could have started the fight and one user claimed: "The blind kid was looking at the bully's gf, that's what started it."


The video was uploaded to YouTube on 23 September and has since been viewed over 230,000 times.

According to the description, the user who uploaded the video doesn't know the people and the school involved.