24/09/2015 11:08 BST | Updated 24/09/2015 12:59 BST

MailOnline Champions Katie Hopkins For 'Stopping Thick People Voting & Sterilising Mums On Benefits'

On Thursday the MailOnline gleefully announced that Katie Hopkins will be joining its stable of columnists from 1 November.

Describing the former Sun writer as “a much sought after television personality”, the online news giant listed Hopkins’ qualities, pointing out she is a “trained economist” and a popular speaker at the Oxford Union.

Katie Hopkins will join the MailOnline from 1 November

In a somewhat bizarre news entry authored by “MailOnline reporter”, it also described Hopkins’ ambitions on her chat show If Katie Ruled The World as:

  • Stopping thick people voting
  • Sterilising mums on benefits
  • Banning tattoos for the unemployed

In language reminiscent of a press release for the show, but missing those crucial quote marks, the paragraph in full reads:

Heading up her own entertainment chat show, 'If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World', Katie works with her studio audience to make the world a better place; stopping thick people voting, sterilising mums on benefits and banning tattoos for the unemployed.

It’s worth pointing out even the official press release for Hopkins’ show does not use this language, instead claiming "nothing will go unchecked as for once Katie will be surrounded by people prepared to fight back."

An air of resigned despair appears to have permeated online reaction to the news of Hopkins' big media move...

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