Bodybuilder Lazaro Almanaras, 62, Shares His Wisdom About Getting Older And Staying Fit

A 62-year-old bodybuilder has dished out some sage words of advice about ageing.

Lazaro Almanaras is a personal trainer and bodybuilder from Ealing in London.

Speaking to the Mail Online, he said that people take a step back when they age, when in reality they should be continuing their fitness journey to stay youthful.

"I believe that if you have the right mind you can just carry on going and continue to get better," he said. "Age is just a number to me and I would not let my age threaten my career."

"Age gives people an opportunity to lie back and take a step back. But the more active you are, the younger you will feel, it's that easy," he says.

When he turned 25, Almanaras was left devastated following the loss of his first child who was stillborn.

As a personal therapy, he started going to the gym to try and channel his grief into something constructive.

Before long, he had built up a muscular physique which has since won him 12 trophies in bodybuilding competitions.

The dedicated 62-year-old, who "never" plans to retire, attends the gym every single day and has a diet to match his rigorous training.

He downs a protein shake at 6am every morning, which is followed by an intense training session at the gym. He will then devour a protein-rich dish containing 12 egg whites, turkey breast pieces and a bowl of oats.

Almanaras said his toned body is a result of determination, goals and persistence and added that he will continue training for as long as his body allows him too.

"This is my passion and I will continue developing my body for as long as I can. I love my job, I love to train, I love competing. I've been doing this for 37 years and love every minute of it," he said.

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