26/09/2015 15:32 BST | Updated 26/09/2015 15:59 BST

Jeremy Corbyn Holds Giant Marrow Ahead Of Make-Or-Break Labour Party Conference

Jeremy Corbyn has launched a thousand caption competition entries by being photographed holding a giant marrow.

Corbyn has gone to Brighton ahead of a make-or-break Labour Party conference, his first as leader and one where divisions threaten to doom or end his leadership, just two weeks after he was elected.

On Saturday, Corbyn was presented with the marrow by Brighton independent store HiSbe, as he talked with local business people during a visit to the Brighton Hatchery.

The Labour leader looked bemused at first but his expression soon lifted

The photo left some of our the keenest observers of Britain's political scene baffled.

Corbyn, who is a vegetarian, famously keeps an allotment, though it is unclear whether he grows marrows.

He recently described having "a large supply of potatoes", in an interview with The New Statesman.

"I have a large supply of potatoes fresh from my allotment and vegetables and many other things, so my allotment is fine," he said.

"My allotment holders are very happy. All of my fellow allotment holders are very happy people. We get along just fine."

At the Brighton Hatchery, he gave the marrow to an Observer journalist as he left, joking it would become "eBay gold".