New National Rail Card Mobile App Could See The End Of Fines For Forgotten Cards

Always Forget Your Railcard? We've Got Some Very Good News

Railcards are great - who doesn’t love getting a hefty chunk off an expensive train ticket?

But most people have experienced that awful moment when you get on board, smug in the knowledge that you’ve got a third off…before realising you’ve forgotten your railcard.

These people have all learned the hard way…

But fear not travellers, a new mobile app could save you those pesky fines.

Passengers will be able to digitally buy and store the full range of national railcards, including 16-25, Senior and Two Together, according to the Press Association.

The discount cards can then be shown to rail staff on the app even if a passenger does not have a mobile connection.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of campaign group Transport Focus, said: "Passengers will welcome anything that makes their journey easier and prevent them from being unfairly penalised.

"We have a complex fares system, so it's crucial that the rail industry makes sure that travelling using the railcard app is made simple to use."

Train operators have launched a search for a supplier to develop the app's technology, with the aim of launching it on smartphones and tablets in April next year.

There are more than 3.7 million national railcards in use today.


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