Wallaby Gives Police The Hop In Gloucestershire As Public Warned Not To Approach 'Powerful' Animal

A crafty wallaby has avoided police capture after going on the hop.

The Australian marsupial was spotted in the Dursley area of Gloucestershire on Saturday night and police appealed for its owner to come forward.

The wallaby was last spotted heading towards a wooded area near Woodmancote and the public are being warned not to approach the "strong and powerful" animal.

A mob of wallabies is kept at Woodchester - about eight miles from Dursley - and some have been seen bouncing around the village over the past five years.

Other sightings have been made in Nailsworth, but it is not known whether the latest sighting is of an animal belonging to this mob or from somewhere else.

Gloucestershire Police had first revealed they were chasing a kangaroo but later said it was a smaller wallaby.

On its Facebook page, police posted: "Bit of an unusual one. If anyone has lost a kangaroo in the Dursley area please contact us on 101 and quote incident 462. We have found one."

Then: "Kangaroo update - we have it cornered 'outback' of a house in Woodmancote but no owner identified yet."

And finally: "Not the usual bouncers that we're interacting with on a Saturday night."

A police spokeswoman said: "Officers were called at around 9.30pm last night when a member of the public reported seeing the animal.

"Officers joined in the hunt and the animal was seen on the Uley Road and in gardens in Blackhills and Stanthill Drive.

"It's now gone to ground, possibly in wooded area in Woodmancote and police are appealing for the owners to come forward.

"The animal may be distressed and they are strong and powerful animals so members of the public are advised not to approach it.

"If there are further sightings of the animal, or if anyone has any knowledge about where this animal has escaped from, please call 101 quoting incident number 462 of 26 September 2015."