Lindy West Harassed By Vicious Trolls After Founding #ShoutYourAbortion Campaign

The Co-Founder Of #ShoutYourAbortion Has Been Viciously Attacked By Trolls

Lindy West, a co-founder of the #ShoutYourAbortion campaign which aims to de-stigmatise discussion of the procedure, has fallen victim to internet trolls impersonating her late father.

West, who founded the hashtag alongside fellow campaigner Amelia Bonow after threats to abortion clinic funding were made by hardline Republicans in Congress, has now been subjected to harassment from trolls who've created accounts bearing the name and picture of her father.

But it isn't the first time Paul West has been used as a means to facilitate online abuse towards West.

West says she was confronted by a "cruel" troll in 2013 who used her father's name and image.

The campaign to defund abortion Planned Parenthood clinics across the US "relies on the assumption that your abortion is to be whispered about," Bonow wrote on Facebook and Twitter two weeks ago.

But pro life campaigners quickly took to the trend, using the hashtag to promote their anti-abortion cause.

Lindy West co-founded the brave #ShoutYourAbortion campaign

West wrote about her experience at a PP clinic in New York, and has encouraged women to take to Twitter to share their stories as a powerful argument against the defunding of the service.

And now it appears that trolls have taken to the hashtag and targeted its founders.

But as West concedes, those using pseudo accounts to harass her may not have a view on either side of the abortion debate.