People Share Their Experiences Of Working For The Super-Rich On Reddit (That's £20m And Over To The Rest Of Us...)

People are sharing their experiences of working for the super-rich, revealing the bizarre habits, attitudes, and expenditure of multi-millionaires.

An AskReddit thread devoted to the topic began over the weekend, and includes contributions from those who say they've represented very wealthy people as lawyers, worked for them as domestic staff, or met them through family and friends.

It turns out that the super wealthy -- as defined by the topic creator as those with more than $20m in the bank -- are often the most pleasant of people to work for and with.

It's the less wealthy whom employees ought to be weary of, as those posting their experiences reveal...

There may be unequal treatment of staff...

The super, super wealthy may still want to instill a sense of ambition in their children

But this might not always work out...

Sometimes respect and kindness are top of the agenda

A cautionary tale involving lobster...

Beware Cousin Chad

Lawyers hear and see a lot

There's two types of super wealthy people

One 'quick shuffle' can produce $2m extra cash

But some people are just plain mean

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