UNHCR: 'Words Matter' Campaign Sees Celebs Explain Difference Between Refugees And Migrants

A group of celebrities have come together to share their message of solidarity towards the refugee crisis, by explaining why words matter.

The campaign, involving Neil Gaiman, Peter Capaldi, Cate Blanchett, Colin Firth, Patrick Stewart amongst others, sees the high profile supporters help define the difference between the terms "refugee" and "migrant".

It was released on Sunday and has already been viewed over 350,000 times with many leaving positive messages of support.

UNCHR ambassador Peter Capaldi speaks out about the refugee crisis

The famous faces explain: "A migrant chooses to move country, often to improve their life, for education, work, family reunification, they are free to return home.

"And if they return, they still have the protection of their government.

"A refugee is running for their life. Fleeing war or persecution. They often undertake treacherous or traumatic journeys of escape."

The video is released at a time when growing uncertainty beckons millions of displaced people around the globe.

According to the UNHCR their are currently 59.5 million refugees around the world, fleeing war or persecution at home.

In line with the release of the campaign the UNHCR stated: "UNHCR Goodwill Ambassadors and high profile supporters help define the difference between the terms "refugee" and "migrant".

"These words are being splashed across media headlines because of the ongoing European Refugee Crisis."

The video continues: "In order to find sanctuary, by land, by sea, they [refugees] can't return home. It's too dangerous. But they are entitled to special protection under international law.

"Including the right not to be immediately deported and sent back into harms way.

"The bottom line is migrants, refugees - we are all human beings.

"We need to treat all human beings, refugee or migrant with respect and dignity.

"But meanings matter. Words matter. Your words matter."

In total the film features actors Peter Capaldi, Cate Blanchett, Colin Firth, David Morrissey, Douglas Booth, Kristin Davis, John Abraham and Patrick Stewart, singers Barbara Hendricks and Rokia Traore, writer Neil Gaiman, model Helena Christensen and comedian/tv host Craig Ferguson.