'Strictly Come Dancing' Professional Dancers Could Be Banned From Shooting Raunchy Calendars Under New BBC Plans

Strictly Come Dancing’ bosses are set to ban the show’s professional dancers from shooting their annual raunchy calendars.

Producers are apparently concerned that the sexy photoshoots tarnish the image of 'Strictly' as a family show, and want to enforce new rules giving them approval of any projects the dancers do away from the show.

Ola Jordan

Ola Jordan is just one of the pros who will be affected by the change, having recently shot her 2016 calendar, which sees her posing in a variety of glamorous shots.

“So a clean-up is under way and from next year bosses will be clamping down on extra projects undertaken by the professionals.

“They want the show to be about the dancing and they’re working to make it that way.”

BBC bosses are also said to be angered by Kristina Rihanoff’s refusal to provide them with an advance copy of her new autobiography, which lifts the lid on her romances with former co-stars Vincent Simone, Joe Calzaghe and Ben Cohen.

Kristina Rihanoff

The new rules will also give the BBC the power to stop the stars appearing on rival reality shows, following Ola’s accident in training for ‘The Jump’, which saw her badly injure her knee, and forced her to pull out of the latter part of last year’s ‘Strictly’

The dancers use additional projects to support their income from ‘Strictly’, which is reported to be just £30,500 a year - much less than the rumoured six figure sums the judges and hosts take home each series.

Ola blasted the pay difference last year, claiming the dancers deserve much more as they work a lot harder than the judges.

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ continues on Saturday (3 October) at 6.20pm on ITV.

Ola Jordan: 100 Sexiest

Ola Jordan: 100 Sexiest