30/09/2015 05:41 BST | Updated 30/09/2015 05:59 BST

British Tourists Arrested For Cavorting Naked In Rome Fountain

Six British tourists have been arrested for public indecency after they cavorted naked in a public fountain in Rome.

The four men and two women stripped off and climbed into the Fountain of the Naiads at around 6am on Sunday morning.

An eyewitness told the Daily Mail: “It looked like an orgy in Ancient Rome. They were completely naked, the men, with their genitals on show, and the women were just running around topless.

The Fountain of the Naiads features four naked nymphs

“One of them was very young and blonde – quite attractive.”

ANSA news agency writes the group were fined and charged with public indecency and breaking the city’s by-laws. The offences could carry up to three years in prison in the event of a conviction.


The Telegraph says the men stripped completely naked and names them as Ben Rosedale, 39, Richard Crooks, 49, Tom Speed, 26 and Charles Mylchreest, 46.

The women, who are said to have kept their underwear on, were named as Claire Neale, 25, and Vicky Nall, 32.

The 19th century fountain of the Naiads features four naked nymphs and is in Piazza della Repubblica, one of Rome’s busiest spots.