Barre Exercises To Try At Home That Will Tone Your Body Like A Ballet Dancer's

Barre has been taking the fitness world by storm for a while.

The ballet-inspired, full body workout consists of isometric strength training, which involves holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles. It's great for muscular endurance and stamina.

The exercise is also popular with Victoria's Secret Angels and, what's more, you don't have to move about much (sounds great, huh?).

Here, Barre Code's master trainer Kiersten Bond shows you how to do some very simple Barre moves at home.

Exercise one

Grab a chair for support. Bring your heels together, toes apart, come up onto your tip toes and then bend your knees and sink down.

Pulse up and down - the higher your heels are the more you'll feel it burn.

Exercise two

Spread your legs more than shoulder width apart, turn your toes outwards and bend your knees so you're almost squatting. Pull your tail bone down so your core stays tight.

Then pull down an inch and then up half an inch - and repeat.

For a challenge, come up onto your tip toes while you're doing this.

Exercise three

Get down onto your hands and knees - hands should be underneath your shoulders and knees underneath your hip. Don't dip your back down, keep your core tight.

Shift your weight to your left knee and lift your right knee up behind you. Then slowly pulse your leg up and down.

"I have to spend at least one hour in the gym to see results."

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