Killer Asteroid Defence Satellite Loses NASA Funding

Pub Anyone? NASA Cuts Funding To Killer Asteroid Defence Satellite

That's it, we're all doomed. It's paper bag time, by which we mean on our heads. In essence let's all just go to the pub and think about the good times.

NASA has unceremoniously and cruelly pulled $30 million in funding from the B612 Foundation, a brave non-profit organisation which is currently trying to put a killer asteroid-detecting satellite in orbit around the Sun.

B612 Foundation CEO Ed Lu holds a model of the Sentinel spacecraft.

This satellite which would have been built and now definitely won't be thanks to NASA, would have used an infrared space telescope to detect all the large moving objects that are currently freely roaming around the Solar System.

The fact that NASA's construction goals were not met by the foundation or that the launch has now been delayed from 2016 to 2019 are entirely superfluous points when you consider the swarms of killer asteroids that will now inevitably be raining down on us undetected by the many space telescopes already in orbit around the Earth.

It will of course also come as little to no consolation when you consider that NASA's official projections actually put us at hundreds of years away from anything even resembling a dangerous asteroid impact.

If we were to then mention that NASA also employs five separate programs all under the umbrella of NASA's massive Near Earth Object Program which scans both the skies, deep space and predicts collisions up to 100 years in the future, this would quite understandably do nothing to help to calm any fears you now might have.

Of course it wouldn't, because NASA has doomed us all by failing to offer $30m to a $450m project that will, according to B612 Foundation CEO Ed Lu "continue to work independently and together with NASA, the US Congress and others to move forward."

Wait, what? Oh well that's fine then. Never mind.


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