Man Buns: University Ban Hairstyle For Being Too 'Extreme'

What goes up, must ultimately come down - and while this year has hosted the meteoric rise of the man bun, it's also seen it become one of the most short-lived trends ever.

Yep, the man bun is officially over.

If the fact it could make you bald isn't bad enough, one university has actually banned the things.

"I'm so embarrassed of my man bun"

Brigham Young University in Idaho has released official guidelines announcing students could be faced with disciplinary action should they wear the hairstyle.

According to their Student Honour Office, hair "should be clean and neat, avoiding extreme styles and unnatural colors.”

Tyler Barton, Student Honour administrator told the university paper: "We would consider the ‘man-bun’ to be an extreme hairstyle. It’s just something that deviates from the norm.”

If the trend being enough of a hipster phenomenon to actually get outlawed isn't the death knell for man buns, we don't know what is (seriously guys, even Leo DiCaprio's cut his off).

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