Man Withstands Astounding 9G Centrifuge Training In Epic Video Posted By His High School Friend

"Squeeze the butt, squeeze the legs, breathe..."

Those were the somewhat comforting words being yelled at a man who was undergoing 9G centrifuge training. Impressive.

High-G training is usually undertaken by pilots or astronauts in order to prevent them from losing consciousness when they encounter high G-forces that can cause the blood to flow away from the brain.

The trainee appeared to fly through the test, despite being subjected to astoundingly high G-forces that could have caused him to black out at any point.

In a video posted by YouTuber davidthefritz, the man appears to successfully pass his test. His friend later posted the video on Reddit, where the young trainee received high praise from Redditors.

G-force is the force exerted by gravity when a body accelerates and a 9G-force would be at the higher end of the range forces a pilot usually experiences while flying a jet.

Two years ago, a Red Arrows Flight Lieutenant almost lost consciousness and crashed while experiencing a 6.3 G-force.