Poo-Flavoured Curry Is Actually A Thing In Japan

There's A Restaurant In Japan Selling Poo-Flavoured Curry (On Purpose)

If you were in a restaurant and your curry tasted a bit like poo, you'd probably send it back. But not at Curry Shop Shimizu in Tokyo.

The eatery, owned by long-time Japanese male porn star Ken Shimizu, has concocted a dish specifically engineered to look, smell and taste like human excrement. Oh, and the bowls its served in are shaped like traditional Japanese toilet bowls. Just to make it a little bit more appetising.

In the video above, popular Brit-aboard blogger Stu In Tokyo tackles the disturbing dish and even takes part in a food challenge, getting his picture on the infamous "Wall Of Shit-Eaters".

Porn star Ken Shimizu shows off the special meal

Stu later on bumped into the "hardest working man in Japanese porn" and asked for the reasoning behind the dodgy dinner.

"It's not that I like the taste," he said. "But there's something about it that really turns me on."

Right. Ok.

Needless to say, Stu's experience didn't exactly make us want to book a table. He and his entourage left the restaurant stinking of faecal matter, with bad tastes in their mouths. At least there was no actual poop in the food.

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