The Bristol Stool Chart offers clues about your overall gut health, and shapes and colours that are ideal.
Here's how to know whether strange stool colour is related to the food you are eating or a sign of a health issue.
If you had told me that I would not only agree to have someone else’s poop put inside my body, but enthusiastically welcome it, I'd never have believed you.
An adult bird can poop around 2 pounds a day.
here's something about having children that rewires your emotions. Suddenly, from nowhere, I'm permanently on the verge of blubbing. God knows I can't watch Bambi anymore (not that I did on a regular basis previously).There have been times when I'd have to leave the room during the The One Show.
There are countless parenting blogs out there covering a wealth of standard topics like breastfeeding, which pram is the best to buy and how to manage toddler tantrums etc, but no one seems to have covered the subject of poo.
This is certainly the best way to get rid of dog poop left on the street - according to LiveLeak, this video was recorded
There's nothing worse than being constipated. While a lot of people will happily reach for the laxatives when they're bunged
Oh, this? It's just an advert featuring a guy with some rainbow unicorn poop in ice cream cones. Or so it seems, but the